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To download the source codes please follow the Development documentation.


Java 11 vs. Java 8

Since version 1.0.0, subshare supports Java 11 and all its JARs contain a module-java.class.

Subshare 1.0.0 works with Java 11 (and newer) only! Java 8 is not supported, anymore. Because of this, we do not automatically update from subshare 0.x.

If you want to use subshare with Java 8, please download the newest 0.x-version, which you find on the releases page.

Client (GUI)


Important: Only stable versions are signed. It is thus normal that you get a 404 error when trying to download a signature for a SNAPSHOT version. We simply do not sign snapshots. They are for testing only and should not be used productively, anyway.

Verifying downloads via OpenPGP signatures

It is urgently recommended that you verify the downloaded binary files. If you don't, you might receive files with undesired additional features - spying on you or otherwise abusing your computer.

To verify a file, simply download the corresponding OpenPGP signature file. Both files should be located in the same directory.

Then open a console, switch to the directory containing the downloads and verify them using these commands:

cd ~/Downloads
gpg org.subshare.gui-1.0.0-bin.tar.gz.sig
gpg org.subshare.server-1.0.0-bin.tar.gz.sig

Of course, you need the OpenPGP public key which was used for signing. The CodeWizards' keys can be found here on the CodeWizards web-site.

After downloading a key (e.g. 0x4AB0FBC1.asc), you have to import it into your local key ring.

With gpg, you can do this with the following command:

gpg --import 0x4AB0FBC1.asc

If you use a different OpenPGP implementation (i.e. not gpg), then please consult its documentation about importing keys and verifying signatures.