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Getting started

Please read the Getting started page first. It shows you how easy it is to use subshare.

Server installation

In order to use Subshare productively, you must set up your own server.

Check-out on separate desktop computer or restore after crash

The procedure is the same, whether you want to set up subshare (and check-out repositories) on an additional device or whether your computer broke (hard disk failures are common) and you want to restore your backup afterwards.


The wiki provides additional documentation. Also it is a place where you can help us and others by writing down helpful hints about making the most of subshare.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Any question? Please check our FAQ! Maybe it's already answered there.


The Security documentation explains how CloudStore secures your data.


On the page Configuration you can find out how to fine-tune the behaviour of CloudStore.


Are you a developer? Do you want to contribute to this project? Or do you want to verify the source codes? Then please read the Development infos here.