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  • Easy

    Synchronize your data easily between multiple devices.
  • In your hands

    Keep the control over your data in your hands! Use the strongest encryption available to make sure, not even the NSA can read your data.
  • Teamwork

    Collaborate in your team. Share your data with your friends or family. And keep everyone out who is not invited — e.g. your competitors or even state actors like the NSA.
  • Fast & elegant

    Synchronize your data in a fast and elegant way.

Welcome to subshare!

subshare is free software synchronizing your files between multiple devices — encrypting all data before uploading to the server.

Its primary focus is on reliability and security. We try our best to make sure you never encounter data loss and nobody but you can access your data.

At the same time, it is very easy to use. Get started now!

subshare synchronizes your data — and it's ...

  • ... fast
    subshare copies only modified data. If a file is not modified, it is not copied. If a file is large and only a small part of it is modified, only this small part is copied.
  • ... paranoidly secure
    subshare uses strong encryption and bases its identity management on OpenPGP. All data leaving your client device are encrypted. Read more about this on the Security page.
  • ... easy to use
    A graphical user interface makes things really easy. See in "Getting started" how easy it is.
  • ... great for team-work
    You can share a repository with co-workers or friends and grant permissions on individual directories (with sub-directories inheriting the permissions by default).
  • ... robust
    subshare does everything possible to prevent data loss: For example, it detects collisions and resolves them; also if a data transfer is interrupted, subshare resumes it later.
  • ... standards-compliant
    subshare uses OpenPGP for its identity management and some of its encryption. OpenPGP is a 20 years old standard primarily used for e-mail-encryption and proven to be secure enough to withstand the NSA (by Edward Snowden's revelations).
  • ... test-driven and clean code
    Fellow developers might appreciate that SubShare is test-driven and - please see for yourself - clean code.